Boundary & Topographic Survey Estimate Calculator
(also try our ALTA/ACSM Survey Estimate Calculator) Use our online fee estimator to develop a rough estimate of what it will cost to have us survey your property. As you click on the various options below the estimated fee will be updated on the left of the page. This estimate is based upon our historical records and our current fee schedule. While we base the fee on hourly rates, the majority of our work is proposed and done lump sum.
Boundary and Topographic Survey Estimate: 
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Boundary and Topographic Survey Estimate: 
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Important: The fees estimated here are only valid for Ellissurvey and different firms will have different estimates. Regardless of what fee a firm charges, a surveyor should be hired based on qualifications and not just price. There is nothing more expensive than a poorly done survey regardless of how cheaply it was performed.