Use our online fee estimator to develop a rough estimate of what it will cost to have us survey your property. As you click on the various options below the estimated fee will be updated on the left of the page. This estimate is based upon our historical records and our current fee schedule. While we base the fee on hourly rates, the majority of our work is proposed and done lump sum.

Estimated ALTA/ACSM Survey Cost: 
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There is a basic set of items included with an ALTA / ACSM survey (2005 Standards). ( click here to review them ). The following are additional items that can be added at the client's request.
Item 1:
  Monuments shall be placed (or a reference monument or witness to the corner) at all major corners of the boundary of the property, unless already marked or referenced by an existing monument or witness to the corner. This is standard for all Ellis Survey surveys.
Item 2:
Vicinity map showing the property surveyed in reference to nearby highway(s) or major intersection(s).
Item 3:
Flood zone designation (with proper annotation based on Federal Flood Insurance Rate Maps or the state or local equivelant, by scaled map location and graphic plotting only).
Item 4:
Land area as specified by the client.
Item 5:
Show existing contours and datum for elevations.
Item 6:
Identify and show if possible, setback, height, and bulk restrictions of record or disclosed by applicable zoning or building codes (in addition to those recorded in subdivision maps). If none, so state.
Item 7:
Show exterior dimensions of all buildings at ground level.
Indicate square footage of:
  Exterior footprint of all buildings at ground level.
  Gross floor area of all buildings.
  Other areas to be defined the client:
Measured height of all buildings above grade at a defined location. If no defined location is provided, the point of measurement shall be shown.
Item 8:
Substantial, visible improvements (in addition to buildings) such as signs, parking areas or structures, swimming pools, etc.
Item 9:
Parking areas and, if striped, the striping and the type (eg. handicapped, motorcycle, regular, etc.) and number of parking spaces.
Item 10:
Indication of access to a public right of way such as curb cuts and driveways.
Item 11:
Location of utilities (representative examples of which are shown below) existing on or serving the surveyed property as determined by:

Observed evidence.
  Railroad tracks and sidings.
  Manholes, catch basins, valve vaults or other surface indications of subterranean uses.
  Wires and cables (including their function) crossing the surveyed premises, all poles on or within ten feet of the surveyed premises, and the dimensions of all crosswires or overhangs affecting the surveyed premises.
  Utility company installations on the surveyed premises.
Observed evidence together with plans and markings provided by client, utility companies, and other appropriate sources (with reference as to the source of information).

Item 12:
Show specific Governmental Agency survey-related requirements as specified by the client. This option cannot be estimated online please contact us directly if you need this option as part of your ALTA survey estimate.
Item 13:
Names of adjoining owners of platted lands.
Item 14:
Observable evidence of earth moving work, building construction or building additions within recent months.
Item 15:
Any changes in street right of way lines either completed or proposed, and available from the controlling jurisdiction. Observable evidence of recent street or sidewalk construction or repairs.
Item 16:
Observable evidence of site use as a solid waste dump, sump or sanitary landfill.
Use the standard ALTA certification.  
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Estimated ALTA/ACSM Survey Cost: 
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